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At Rancho Ventura, our mission is to protect and preserve the hillsides of Ventura County. In addition to preservation, we want to share the beautiful lands with our neighbors and the visitors that come to enjoy our community.

We are currently raising funds for the top items on our wish list -  The Gen Rose Petting Farm and an Outdoor Education Center and Picnic Area for field trips and events.

Petting Farm

The Gen Rose Petting Farm
Family Fun for the animal lover in all of us. Let’s work together to build a honey of a petting farm for the young and young at heart. Imagine the joy of your children as visitors get to see, touch and learn all about these working lands that have been in ranching for over 220 years from our barnyard friends. Animals remind us that we are connected to part of a larger ecosystem. Rancho Ventura has always managed the vegetation to protect the community of Ventura from the devastating effects of wildfires. Together let’s ensure that the next generation is also committed to stewarding the land while protecting valuable wildlife habitat.

Ed Center

Outdoor Education & Inspiration Center
Complete with an outdoor theatre, this area will be a place to gather and discover and see what lives on these working lands. The abundant habitat and wildlife that calls these hillsides home have been protected for generations and we want to help inspire the next generation to do the same. Getting our youth outdoors to connect with nature is essential for all the reasons we know. Good for their mind, heart & soul. Part of the youth experience is to learn about the County of Ventura’s rich agricultural heritage, tasting the top 10 crops we grow, seeing how the land is cared for, visiting with the animals, hiking, picking fresh fruit, and more.