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Shire located in the hills of Ventura, California.


The first things that guests will notice about the Trust land are the incredible sweeping vistas of the regional and local area. There are several ridge lines and high points that provide access to some of the best views in Ventura County.

The scenic view sheds can be described as epic, unique, inspiring and iconic. On a clear day visitors will be able to see dramatic views of the region south and southwestward over the City of Ventura to the Channel Islands. The vast Oxnard Plain, Santa Monica Mountains and Point Mugu can be seen to the southeast. Views northward include Sulphur Mountain in the foreground and the Topa Topa Mountains in the distance.

The crown jewel of the Rancho Ventura Conservation Trust is the local iconic landmark - Two Trees. Situated on the very western edge of the property, Two Trees is highly significant as a local landmark as it is situated prominently and is visible from almost all parts of the City of Ventura.

Rancho Ventura Trustees and volunteers will do our utmost to preserve, maintain and protect Two Trees while providing opportunities to visit this treasured landmark to and enjoy the splendorous views.

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