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COYOTES at Rancho Ventura

Coyotes are commonly seen at Rancho Ventura. They are frequently sighted in all areas and habitat types, traveling both in packs and solo.

These small canids are abundant in the Ventura Hillsides and are known as cunning and versatile hunters. Coyotes are monogamous and mate for life. Coyotes are extremely adaptable and thrive in both wild and urban settings. Coyotes range from the very north part of Alaska to Panama. Coyotes are prominently featured in Native American folklore including in the local Chumash legends.

Coyotes very often have a home “den” that is used for shelter rearing pups, sleeping and defense from other animals and other coyotes. Coyotes are comparable to the size of medium sized dogs, with females ranging from 15-40 pounds and males from 18-44 pounds. Their coats very in color and can range from grey to reddish to brown or a combination.

The food sources of coyotes vary, but they usually occupy the niche of carnivorous predator with the majority of their diet being made up of some type of meat. Their main prey consists of rabbits, ground squirrels, rats and mice, birds, lizards, insects and sometimes deer.

Coyote Photo Gallery